About Me

I am a freelance journalist based in Dublin, Ireland. You can find the bulk of what I write for The Irish Times here: http://bit.ly/d2VzZK

I did a PhD in cell biology at University College Dublin on gene regulation and morphology in mammary cells, then I worked as a post-doc in Glasgow (looking at the ‘kidneys’ of fruit flies, yes indeed) and in Sydney (looking at Alzheimer plaques in human brains post-mortem).

I next spent a stint (five years actually) as a technical writer, and then moved into the world of journalism in 2005, starting to write as a freelance for The Irish Times and other publications.

In 2008 I graduated with a Masters in Science Communication from Dublin City University. My thesis was on the use of biography to communicate science to a wide audience.

These days I write three weekly columns for The Irish Times on science and health, as well as features and news on science, health and innovation. Plus whatever else is going.

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